Service Desk Plus

ATIA SERVICE DESK PLUS is supported in its work through all these lower modules:

  1. * Manage customer requests (Request Fulfillment)
  2. * Incident management users (Incident Management)
  3. * Managing a group of incidents (problems) by the user (Problem Management)
  4. * Management of changes coming from the management, employees, suppliers or users (Change Management)
  5. * Managing catalogs service business catalogs and technical catalogs (Service Catalogue Management)
  6. * Contract management: users and vendors (Service Level Management)
  7. * Management of suppliers: Tenders, supplier selection, supplier records, evaluation of suppliers, equipment from suppliers (Supplier Management)
  8. * Database configuration unit (Configuration Management Database).

ATIA SERVICE DESK PLUS is a standardized solution that works on the principles of ITIL framework.

ATIA SERVICE DESK PLUS is generally in all branches of activities that include:

  • Electric Power companies
  • Telecom operators
  • ICT companies
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Retail chains
  • Consulting companies
  • Educational centers
  • Hotels
  • Tourist Organizations
  • Public administration
  • Ministry
  • Industrial (manufacturing) companies
  • Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Universities
  • Schools
  • Research organizations and centers
  • Audit firms
  • Distribution companies
  • And others.

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