P3M3 is an acronym for the Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Maturity Model. This framework is a synthesis of Portfolio Management, Program Management and Project Management. This framework is the same as P3O designed for professionals who want to gain a knowledge through one single framework about the project management, program management and portfolio management. The difference between P3M3 framework and P3O framework is that P3M3 is directed for the executive management of company. P3M3 can be considered as an isolated fourth type of certification for P3O framework.

The average duration of P3M3 certificate is 3 days. Certified experts from ATIA Ltd company will provide You to quickly gain this prestigious management certificate. We guarantee You that after our certification You will learn how to properly manage with portfolios, programmes and projects from the same place and based on that make valid decisions as the part of Your Execute Management. During the certification we will show You the practical examples and help in solving problems during the certification exam!

For more employees from the same company and we give discounts!

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