MoR is an acronym for Management of Risks which is the most popular framework for managing the risks. Risks are always present around us and proper assessment of risks affect on the adoption of all relevant and important decisions. Because of that it is important that all managers who make decisions know how to evaluate the degree and size of a risk before making a decision which is connected to the work of their organization, services provided by organizations or projects for which are managers responsible.

There are three levels of certification for the MoR framework:
1. MoR Foundation which is intended for users who are first introduced to the MoR framework
2. MoR Practitioner which is intended for users who have already had the opportunity to meet with the MoR framework
3. MoR Foundation & Practitioner which is intended for advanced users who already had theoretical and practical experience for this framework.

The average duration of each MoR certificate is 3 days. For all three types of certification are responsible certified experts from ATIA Ltd. We guarantee You that after our certification you will learn how to properly manage the risks and based on that make valid decisions. During the certification we will show You the practical examples and help in solving problems during the certification exam! MoR framework is designed for all managers or for any professionals who make decisions relating to the management of projects!

For more employees from the same company and we give discount!

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