MoP is an acronym for Management of Portfolios and this is a framework for the management of the portfolio of services. One of the major tasks faced by an organization is to offer the quality of service to the end user. Because of all, organizations are working with larger set of services which must make a plan to deploy its services. This framework is highly necessary for related professionals who are working around the marketing or who are working directly in sales and who have a direct relationship with end users.

Three levels of certification:
1. MoP Foundation that represents the first lowest level of certification which is responsible for providing basic concepts related to portfolio management services
2. MoP Practitioner Certification that is on the second level and which provides an overview of the practical implementation of portfolio management services
3. MoP Foundation and Practitioner Certification that is on the third level and which is a combination of theoretical and practical concepts related to the implementation of this framework.

The average duration for each certificate is 3 days. Certified experts from ATIA Ltd company will offer to You all three types of certification. We guarantee You that after our certification You will learn how to properly manage the service portfolio and based on that make valid decisions. For the certification are responsible our MoP certified specialists who demonstrate practical examples and help in solving problems during the exam!

For more employees from the same company and we give discounts!

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