Kanban method is built on the foundations of Lean technology that was created by Toyota. Lean business philosophy is most responsible for the business growth of Japanese industry. Kanban, as part of this philosophy, has found its application in software development and in this area the last few years is experiencing rapid growth. With Scrum, Kanban is now best known methods for agile handling processes. It does not require changing the existing organization, so it is generally considered that its application is simpler, but still retains its effectiveness.

The aim of the program

If you have teams or departments that perform tasks on multiple products, deal with maintenance, etc., You are an excellent candidate for the application of the Kanban method. Applying Kanban can restore order in these parts of their organization, to relieve individuals and increase their efficiency, evenly job and increase the “visibility” of the process. As a result of these changes will increase the efficiency of the organization.

Application of Kanban and effectively on projects or products that are in the maintenance phase and generally on processes that require adjustment very fast pace of change.


● What is Lean

● What is Kanban and how to apply

● examples of the use of Kanban boards

● practical workshop applying Kanban

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