ISO 50001

ISO 50001 Energy Management System (EMS) is one of the newest standards in the area of system management. It was created in response to demands for environmental protection, energy efficiency and sustainable development.

Standard ISO 50001:2011 is compatible with all standards in the field of management system published by ISO and can be applied to all organizations regardless of size and activity. By its structure and therefore demands it is very similar to ISO 14001, and very often linked to the concept of energy efficiency.

ISO 50001:2011 requires that the organization determines that the needs of all energy used and in what quantities, from which sources provide the same, and to identify measures to reduce usage to an acceptable level. As well as ISO 14001, or this standard does not define what means “acceptable level”, but it leaves the organization. However, it is expected that as the minimum requirements are met, the law and regulations.

ISO 50001:2011 specifically requires that organizations establish indicators by which to monitor the impact on the field of energy efficiency, similar to ISO 9001 requires the establishment of a system for monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of the process. The remaining requirements of ISO 50001 are very similar to other standards in the field of management systems and imply the existence of a minimum policies and objectives and procedures for:

– Document management,

– Records management,

– Internal checks,

– Corrective measures,

– Preventive measures,

– Inconsistencies.

We promise to You that we will do the implementation of ISO/IEC 50001:2011 standard in the shortest period of time with all satisfactory standards. ATIA Ltd will provide and ensure that the whole process of the implementation of Energy Management System according to the international standard ISO 50001:2011 will be completed very efficiency and according to the ‘good practise’.

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