ISO 22301

All organizations, both in the public and private sectors, are under increasing pressure to plan for times of crisis. In today’s era every organization is placed in front of the wide range of business risks and threats that include:

  • natural disasters and their impact on business operations, such as earthquakes, floods, storms and other forms of catastrophic weather
  • human threats, which include a large number of threats such as cyber attacks, loss of technology and communication, as well as criminal activities
  • threats to human resources, such as epidemics and pandemics and other events that can lead to a lack of personnel in the organization, and ultimately perhaps the most important in today’s economic climate
  • threats related to the loss of key suppliers or the inability of the organization to obtain a product or service from key business partners.

Therefore it is extremely important to establish a Business Continuity Management System by implementing international ISO 22301 standard. The standard provides guidance on how to plan, design and implement, test and improve Business Continuity Management System.

We promise to You that we will do the implementation of ISO/IEC 22301 standard in the shortest period of time with all satisfactory standards. ATIA Ltd will provide and ensure that the whole process of the implementation of Business Continuity Management System according to the international standard ISO 22301:2012 will be completed very efficiency and according to the ‘good practise’.

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