ISO 20000

ISO/IEC 20000 is the first international standard for the management of IT services. It is based on the principles of ITIL framework. The advantage of the ISO/IEC 20000 standard related to ITIL is that organizations through its implementation get the certificate confirming the quality of business in a given organization. This standard is primarily designed for organizations that provide services that are supported by IT. The purpose of this standard is to enable the management of these services in a fast, efficient and useful way. The standard is directly related to the ITIL framework and ISO/IEC 9000 standard.  

Our task is to check the current status of Your implemented business processes and on this basis of this to propose the introduction of new business processes by the rules of this standard. The next step is making the adequate documentation for which are responsible our experts. After it, we are directly working on the implementation of new procedures which include releasing of new business processes within the company. After that we are doing the conversation with the company’s management and employees and making the successful environment for coming of the certification company. 

We promise to You that we will do the implementation of ISO/IEC 20000 standard in the shortest period of time with all satisfactory standards. ATIA Ltd will provide and ensure that the whole process of the implementation of IT Service Management System according to the international standard ISO 20000:2011 will be completed very efficiency and according to the ‘good practise’.

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