ISO 20000

ATIA Ltd. is the exclusive representative of the certification company ESQ CERT for the territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Macedonia. ESQ CERT is accredited for management control systems by ESYD’s (Accreditation Agency of Greece), which is a member of the IAF (International Accreditation Forum) and EA (European co-operation for Accreditation). This means that all our certificates accredited with the logo of Accreditation Agency and labeled by IAF.

ISO 20000 is an international standard for IT Service Management Systems (IT SMS). The biggest application of this standard is at ICT companies, and generally at companies that provide its customers services which are based on the IT platform.

Our services of certification of your quality assurance system according to ISO 20000:2011 include:

1. Preparation for certification audit – preaudit
As an option, if you want, we can complete the pre-audit. Pre-audit has to prepare for the audit, checking documents and conducting audits including issuing reports about the flaws. The goal of the pre-audit is to note all possible weaknesses of IT SMS base (documentation) and implementation of quality systems.

2. Assessment of the IT SMS documentation
This activity includes the review and assessment of applicable IT SMS basis (IT SMS manual, procedures, work instructions, etc.).

3. Certification audit
The certification audit assess the application of your IT SMS documentation and effectiveness of your IT SMS system. The audit is carried out by auditors who are authorized by the ESQ CERT. The certification audit includes planning and conducting audits, an official report and certification, registration of the ESQ CERT (license) and application of ESQ CERT signs for advertising purposes.

4. Surveillance audits
Throughout the validity of the certificates to optimize your IT SMS system we conduct annual surveillance audits. Surveillance audit includes evaluating the revised IT SMS basis, planning and implementation of audits and the issuance of the report, including the registration of the ESQ CERT.

The certificate which you will get after successfully completing an audit is issued by ESQ CERT and is completely the same as certificate which you can get in any other country inside the European Union. The certification is carried out by local experts, and documentation should not be translated into a foreign language.

Our advantage over the competition is the speed of our auditing services as well as the total cost of our services. This is the enough reason why you should contact us as soon as possible because of the certification of your’s ISO 20000:2011 system.

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