Implementation of IT Systems

ATIA Ltd is responsible for the full design, implementation and maintenance of information systems that are listed in the section of IT SYSTEMS and for the development and maintenance of application solutions that are listed in the section APPLICATION DEVELOPMENT or WEB DEVELOPMENT.

ATIA Ltd provides consulting services related to the maintenance of its own IT systems and software solutions, and also for consulting services for the maintenance of other information systems and applications. ATIA Ltd can provide consultancy services for the maintenance of each other information system or application solution even if it is a solution from another vendor.

ATIA Ltd as part of its services offers to its customers integrated services from all packages that include:
• Consultance for the maintenance of existing information system
• Analysis of improvement through the introduction of a new information system
• Consultance connected to the introduction of ISO standards
• ISO Certification
• Development and implementation of a new information system
• Continuous training for the business consulting and information systems
• Maintenance of new information systems

Maintenance of information systems, ATIA Ltd provides through its own Service Desk that is available to its customers 24 hours during 365 days in one year (365/24). We tend to be on hand for all our customers to increase their satisfaction with all services that we can provide to them.

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