ATIA Ltd Sarajevo is a distributor of products and services from iDeals company for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro.


iDeals™ Virtual Deal Room allows to access, share and store confidential data with people both inside and outside of your enterprise. The cloud-based data room platform operates on the state-of-the-art technology combining the ease of use and complete security.

The virtual data room eliminates many of the limitations posed by a physical data room. It allows for immediate access to documents for many parties at the same time without the need to travel to the data room location. Costs of setting up a virtual data room are also lower than those associated with the physical data room. Automatic indexing, document management, and built-in Q&A communication tool streamline the deal management and reduce the deal time-cycle.

iDeals virtual data room became an essential tool for business managers and IT professionals allowing to easily manage protected access to confidential enterprise data and intellectual property anywhere, anytime, using any device. The virtual data room can be cloud-based or deployed on-premise.

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