HACCP  is a self-control system of dangers that may affect the safety of food and includes the application of good practices (hygiene, manufacturing, distribution, documentation, …) within the entire chain of food preparation and, as today can be often heard, from field to table.

The application of the HACCP system, GOOD HYGIENIC PRACTICE (GHP), GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICE (GMP) andGOOD DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE (GDP)present the basis of the insurance of healthy correct products. Therefore it is important that these requirements apply within the entire chain of production, during distribution and storage of food products, up to the deliveries to end user. The interest of manufacturers and companies that deal with the distribution and storage of food is healthy correct product. Set of rules that regulates required quality assurance system in the distribution chain, from manufacturer to the end users, is included in the requirements of GOOD DISTRIBUTION PRACTICE (GDP).

Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a collection of guidelines (recommendations) that cover the organization of the work and determination of the obligations and responsibilities in the area of production, as well as in the control and transport of food products in order to ensure consistent quality and food safety.

ATIA Ltd will provide and ensure that the whole process of the implementation of HACCP System will be completed very efficiency and according to the ‘good practise’.


HALAL standard

HALAL standard makes set of rules and guidelines for the production and preparation of food in accordance with Islamic religious customs. Halal requirements were derived from the Koran and Sharia law, which prescribes what is Halal, ie. allowed and what is haram – forbidden. When we say “allowed” mean the food that is prepared according to Sharia law and the majority of Muslims around the world use this diet. However, Halal standard is mainly designed for companies that export to the international market mainly directed towards the Arabic market.

HALAL among other things prohibits the use of: pork, blood, alcohol, meat of dead animals, cake with any type of alcohol, foods containing emulsifiers based on pork or animal fats, carnivores, predators, a cake in the shadows contain wine or any other alcoholic drink etc.

The largest number of requests Halal standards are identical to ISO 9001, HACCP and ISO 22000 standards, as organizations that have established one of the two systems greatly facilitates the preparation for certification.

HALAL is applicable to various types of products and services: food, cosmetics, medicines, clothes, shoes, tourism, food industry, government agencies, state-owned company … and is most often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

ATIA Ltd offers you consulting services that can help you to meet all the provisions of this standard and then to successfully certified.


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