ATIA ENTERPRISE RESOURCE PLANNING SYSTEM (ATIA ERP) is the best solution for organizing the business in the era of IT society, in the time of new economy, electronic operations, economy of knowledge. Right and timely information secures a good information system.

ERP is designed and built on the foundations of several key principles:

  1. Business processes are automated and organized extremely well thanks to ERP’s structure and functions
  2. ERP is the only adequate solution for integrating organizations that will implement it in their business model
  3. ERP represents both direct and indirect support to strategic, operational and performance management.

ERP ensures control and optimum use of all available resources, as well as satisfaction of the needs of all information system users in an organization. With ERP, our partners (clients) effectively and efficiently execute all activities and tasks in all business processes, adapt to ever-changing conditions in the business and environment, achieve a high level of efficient collaboration with partners from the surroundings, as well as cooperation and organizational efficiency.

Why to introduce ERP in an enterprise?

ERP is the right solution for companies whose business volume and staff are growing, thus creating a need for grouping business processes within business functions.

With ERP, you will be able to more efficiently manage all processes in the enterprise, including:

  • Planning and control
  • Procurement
  • Sales
  • Distribution and transport
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Human resources
  • Production
  • Research and development
  • Quality

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